FIPER’s study shows the opportunities of the local development of biomass heating

On the occasion of the FIPER conference “Circular economy: let’s start from  energy” held in Rome last June, the Italian federation presented the results of the study “Biomass district heating: an investment for the territory“. The study responds to the need to provide clear indications and accurate data on the environmental, economic and employment suitability for a given territory to start a biomass district heating plant.


Building a clean and competitive economy

A long-term EU strategy for reducing greenhouse gas emissions is needed to build a modern and clean economy. EBA had the pleasure to join a two-day conference organised this month at the free university of Brussels (ULB) to gather stakeholders’ views on this long-term strategy. (more…)

RED II from the biogas perspective

The Council of the European Union has recently confirmed the provisional agreement reached with the European Parliament on the revision of the Renewable Energy Directive (RED II). The provisional deal reached on 13 June was endorsed by the EU ambassadors (Council) on 27 June. (more…)


EBA Policy Timeline 2017

EBA gathered in a timeline the main EU policies relevant to the biogas sector in 2017.


Sustainability criteria for biogas used in electricity, heating and transportation.

End of Waste Criteria

EBA has taken part in the Task Working Group on end-of-waste criteria for biodegradable waste (according to Art.6 of Directive 2008/98 EC).

Revision of Fertiliser Regulation

EBA participates in European Fertilizer Working Group at DG Enterprise.

National Renewable Energy Action Plans

EBA analysed from a biogas perspective the 27 NREAPs that were available by January 2011 and prepared corresponding database.

Revision of Energy Taxation Directive

Inclusion of a CO2 component is closely followed by EBA. more


Success Stories

EBA presents technological and market developments led by the biogas industry, from energy efficiency to biological additives and innovative feedstock.

Companies Catalogue

Companies catalogue – find leading biogas companies and the services offered.

European Biomethane Roadmap

Biomethane fact sheet

What is biomethane, utilisation pathways, sustainability and challenges ahead.

Country profile – Bulgaria

Biogas production, legislation, support scheme and potential.