SYSTEMIC is a project funded under the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation H2020 for the period 2017-2021.

It recognizes Europe’s challenge to tackle the increasing resources constraint and to facilitate the transition towards a more circular economy, and addresses these needs by identifying systemic innovation approaches to recover and recycle valuable mineral components from organic waste streams and to integrate them optimally into a local or regional circular economy. This will be done through:

Effective combination of anaerobic digestion with novel nutrient recovery technologies for fertilizer production.  It aspires to demonstrate economically viable Circular Economy business cases for nutrient recovery and recycling from biowaste. The effective combination will be demonstrated in five Demonstration Plants.

Development enhanced Circular Economy business models. Utilising existing business cases and logistic chains as a starting point, SYSTEMIC will develop enhanced Circular Economy business models and will demonstrate their commercial viability.

Creation of a roadmap to facilitate solutions for biowaste in the EU. 
Emerging innovation barriers will be encountered along this process and addressed in Innovation Deals and policy recommendations.

The SYSTEMIC consortium includes 15 partners from 7 EU member states.