Active projects

SYSTEMIC: recovery of nutrients to integrate them into a circular economy

Bio waste is the most abundant waste stream in Europe and hence, the most prominent potential resource for the production of biogas and the recovery and reuse of mineral nutrients. Nowadays, this waste is often not being recovered, posing severe challenges in terms of inefficient resource use, disposal and environmental pollution. This H2020 project addresses the challenge by identifying innovative approaches to recover and recycle valuable mineral components from organic waste streams into new products and integrate them optimally into a local or regional circular economy.

Nutri2Cycle: closing nutrient loops

During the next 4 years, within the framework of this H2020 project, 19 organisations from 12 EU countries will work together to provide an essential contribution to the development of a circular economy by closing nutrient loops. Tackling the existing nutrient flow gaps in Europe will help decrease greenhouse gas emissions, reduce soil degradation and improve EU independence in terms of energy and nutrients. The initial meeting took place at Ghent University, the institution coordinating this initiative.

ALG-AD: waste recovery for algal biomass cultivation

ALG-AD is an Interreg NWE funded project, in which new technology is being developed to use excess waste nutrients produced from the anaerobic digestion of food and farm waste to cultivate algal biomass for animal feed and other products of value.

EvEmBi: GHG emission mitigation in the biogas sector

The EvEmBi project aims to evaluate different biogas plant concepts (e.g., agricultural biogas, bio-waste or wastewater treatment plants) used in Europe with respect to their methane emission factors (EF). The EvEmBi project (Evaluation and reduction of methane emissions from different European biogas plant concepts)  will evaluate methane emissions from European biogas plants to develop a European voluntary system for greenhouse gas (GHG) emission mitigation in the biogas sector.