EBA welcomes new member: 3cea


EBA is pleased to announce the enlargement of its membership network. Three Counties Energy Agency (3cea), headquartered in Ireland, has recently joined EBA as Associate Member. At present, EBA has 103 members, including most EU countries, as well as US, Turkey and Brazil.

3cea is a non-profit, independent energy agency working primarily in the counties of Carlow, Kilkenny and Wexford. This association has expertise in the development of innovative approaches to designing, financing and commissioning of renewable and local energy generation. The focus of its activities is the identification of energy saving opportunities by measuring, monitoring and verifying energy use. 3cea has been involved in the development of two EU projects and it also provides energy management services for the public sector.

The management of the association is ensured by a voluntary Board of Directors drawn from the private, public and community sectors.

Do you want to know more about EBA’s new member? Visit 3cea website.