Dr Attila Kovacs

Attila Kovacs, a PhD holder in Economics and MSc in Chemical Engineering. Member of the Board of European Biogas Association since 2009. Managing Director of First Hungarian Biogas Ltd – an engineering and consulting company in Budapest, formerly Managing Director of E-A Energy Consulting GmbH, Vienna. He has 37 years of experience in international oil and gas industries and he has been working in the field of biogas since 2004, promoting biogas technology in Hungary and other Central – East European countries. He has published several articles on the subject and been a speaker on numerous international renewable energy conferences.

Expertise in: biomethane as transport fuel, biomethane and gas grid
Contact person for: Hungary, Serbia, Romania

Contact: kovacs[at]European-biogas[dot]eu

Dr. Attila Kovács

Executive Board MemberHungary