In the wake of the Winter Package launched by the European Commission on November 2016, the European renewable energy associations community decided to unit around the #RenEUable initiative which shines a light on one of the EU’s greatest achievements – Europe’s renewable energy industries – by promoting its successes. Discover every weeks new stories that show that RenEUable!


19.01.17 – 91%: Germany gives power to the people

12.01.17 – 35bn: The leading role of European companies in the USA and Canada

15.12.16 – 7%: How Danish towns and Swiss villages fight climate change

08.12.16 – 44bn: What’s driving investments in Scotland and Lille

01.12.16 – 1.2: Green jobs revamp Yorkshire and Andalusia

25.11.16 – 67%: How Denmark & Lithuania fix the gas leak