Arthur Wellinger

Dr. Wellinger is the managing director of Triple E&M, an internationally operating consulting company located in Aadorf, Switzerland. Before he was for several decades’ founder and director of Nova Energie, a research and consulting company located in Switzerland.

Arthur Wellinger is best known for his contributions in the development of AD processes for agricultural wastes, industrial and municipal waste water and MSW including gas upgrading utilities. He has also merits in coaching of industries and communities, teaching (guest professor at the University of Technology in Vienna) as well as policy making. He is member of a number of national and international associations and expert groups such as the Bioenergy Agreement of the International Energy Agency (IEA) where he is appointed as Technical Coordinator.

Arthur Wellinger is currently vice-president of the Swiss AD and composting plant operators’ association (VKS-ASIC), general manager of the Swiss Biomass Association (Biomasse Schweiz) and president of the European Biogas Association.

Contact: Wellinger[at]European-biogas[dot]eu

Dr. Arthur Wellinger


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