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New participation records for EXPOBIOGAZ

Last June, EBA was part of the 260 exhibitors attending EXPOBIOGAZ, the most important Biogaz exhibition in France. 4,781 participants visited the 8th edition of this major biogas event held this year in Lille on 12 and 13 June co-organised by EBA member Club Biogas ATEE.

The programme offered a packed schedule of well attended 30 presentations and inspiring discussions. On the menu, different topics covering the current trends and challenges for biogas development in France and Europe: funding opportunities, employment and training, development of company quality labels or R&D.

Apart from the many interventions on the agenda, attendees could participate in one of the different side events, including visits of anaerobic digestion sites, or go through the exhibition corridors and discuss with anaerobic digestion plant manufacturers, after-sales and maintenance experts, equipment suppliers (pre-treatment, digestion, purification, etc.), digestate value recovery solutions, gas injection solutions, CHP, NGV builders and converters, and related services.  

The exhibition attracts the whole spectrum of biogas stakeholders: farmers, local authorities, as well as representatives of agri-food, waste processing or transport industries.

The exhibition has a strong national presence, but the number of exhibitors and visitors from outside France grows every year. In the 2019 edition, 34% of the exhibitors came from other countries, mainly Germany, Benelux, the UK, Scandinavia, and Switzerland. The number of professional visitors from abroad represented 14.5% of total attendance with significant presence from Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, and Spain.

If you are already looking forward to the next edition, you”ll like to know that the dates for next year are already confirmed: 3 and 4 June in Lille.

Pastoor Consult joins EBA

Pastoor Consult provides tailor-made advice for market parties involved in the production of secondary fuels and waste processing.  Recently, the company has been involved in the development of the Bio Energy Coevorden (BEC) bio-digester, which supplied the first cubic meters of green gas to Gasunie’s national gas network in the past weeks.

The new installation is expected to run at the maximum capacity of 26 million cubic meters of green gas per year around the turn of the year. A quantity that is more than the annual consumption of the municipality of Coevorden.

The BEC bio-fermenter at the Europark in Coevorden is one of the largest industrial bio-fermenters in the Netherlands and one of the larger in Western Europe. The installation was built under the so-called SDE subsidy from the Dutch government.

In total, the digester can process 215,000 tonnes of manure and biomass per year. The residual product digestate is phosphate-rich and is transported by train to phosphate-poor soil in eastern Germany. As a return cargo, the train brings gravel from Germany back to the Netherlands for the concrete industry.

The construction of the installation started in the spring of 2017 and required an investment of 60 million euros. The installation offers work, directly and indirectly, to 20 people.

For more details about this success story, you can contact EBA’s new member, Pastoor Consult: Geert Jan Pastoor

Seeking European partners interested in exploring growing Indian biogas marketplace

Global Business Inroads (GBI) is a Bangalore based company with a strong Brussels presence, working with EU based cleantech, ICT and biotech SMEs and start-up firms supporting their entry and expansion into the Indian marketplace.

Indian decision-makers are placing increased focus on biogas deployment. The Indian Minister of Petroleum recently announced plans to build over 5,000 biogas plants in the coming years, expected to total over 200 million euros in investment, with a focus on agricultural, liquid manure and municipal waste feedstocks.

Global Business Inroads (GBI) is an international business, technology and innovation management consultancy that specializes in technology access and deployment. GBI has expertise in technology transfer and project management, offering access to a network of technology clusters and organizations across the Americas and Europe from a base in India. The consultancy has 10 years of proven success – supported by work with over 200 institutions, SMEs, corporates and governments.

GBI is seeking partners to respond to two European Commission calls for proposals targeting EU – India technology linkages. These calls include:

Þ The INNOWWIDE call focuses on bringing together highly innovative SMEs to the forefront of international markets by opening a call that will allow them to conduct Viability Assessment Projects (VAPs) in cooperation with local stakeholders.
Þ The call will fund 120 VAPs (60k€/VAP), targeting markets of developing countries to include India
Þ Call launch date: 1/04/2019 // Applications are open until 31/05/2019

More information: Global Business Inroads (GBI) – Bangalore, Brussels, London –

EBA member? You can sponsor the EBA Conference in the 10th anniversary of the association

EBA is proud to celebrate its first decade promoting the interests of the biogas industry. The annual conference will be the perfect occasion to celebrate this together with our members and stakeholders involved in our sector. In this annual event, we want to give special visibility to our members and we will do so by offering different sponsorship opportunities. Interested? Then, if you are an EBA member and you want to enhance your visibility in the 10th years anniversary of EBA, we propose 3 sponsorship packages:


  • Your contribution: 6000 euros
  • Our offer: free registration for 3 people and sponsorship of conference lunch


  • Your contribution: 4500 euros
  • Our offer: free registration for 2 people and sponsorship of conference cocktail, conference bags or UBS sticks


  • Your contribution: 3000 euros
  • Our offer: free registration for 1 person and sponsorship of badge lanyards


  • Your contribution: 1500 euros
  • Our offer: sponsorship of conference coffee break

The sponsorships will be accepted on a first come, first served basis and will provide visibility for our members before, during and after the event in the different communications about the conference.

If you want to join this initiative, contact us! Contact person: