Revision of the european fertilizer regulation in its final stage

The European Fertilizer Regulation has been under revision and is currently in the final trialogue negotiations (between the EU Council, Commission and Parliament). The main objective of the revision was the integration of organic fertilizers, which are considered to have significant potential for greenhouse gas emission mitigation. This should enable European cross border trade of organic fertilisers and allow a huge step forward for the biogas sector. more

The european experience about biogas and CHP is a good example even for the USA

According to the European Biogas Association, Europe currently boasts 17,000 biogas plants, with a total installed power of 9,000 MW. Most of these have a cogeneration plant to produce electricity. What could the US learn from Europe as far as CHP technology goes? The perception of these plants as small, flexible biorefineries!

Source: Biogas Channel

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