Call for sponsors: EBA statistical report 2018

EBA is now preparing the next edition of the European Biogas Association Statistical Report that will be published at the end of this year. In the light of this, we propose sponsorship opportunities to our members to support the dissemination of this unique publication and promote their own organization. more

AD awards acknowledge biogas innovators

The recent AD & Biogas Industry Awards Ceremony 2018 saw 16 companies acknowledged for innovations in the AD sector. Recognising these efforts is a very positive initiative to showcase successful practices and promote the development of the sector. more

Promoting the use of biogas in public transport

The town of Ipswich, UK, has recently joined the list of cities promoting green public transport. During six weeks, some of the double-decker buses covering one of the main town routes have been running on biogas. Encouraging the use of biogas in public transport to reduce emissions is a very positive initiative from local authorities to lead by example. It  shows citizens about the importance of getting involved in the current energy transition and promote sustainable development. more

FIPER’s study shows the opportunities of the local development of biomass heating

On the occasion of the FIPER conference “Circular economy: let’s start from  energy” held in Rome last June, the Italian federation presented the results of the study “Biomass district heating: an investment for the territory“. The study responds to the need to provide clear indications and accurate data on the environmental, economic and employment suitability for a given territory to start a biomass district heating plant.


Building a clean and competitive economy

A long-term EU strategy for reducing greenhouse gas emissions is needed to build a modern and clean economy. EBA had the pleasure to join a two-day conference organised this month at the free university of Brussels (ULB) to gather stakeholders’ views on this long-term strategy. more