Proved competitiveness of small scale bioSNG technology

Small scale bioSNG technology based on allothermal gasification is able to compete with large scale bioSNG technology based on pressurised oxygen-blown gasification. This technology has proved competitive in terms of GHG emissions,  primary energy needs and conversion efficiency without high production costs. more

Biogas trends for this year

With the start of the year still fresh in our minds, EBA has prepared an overview on the future biogas trends for 2019, taking into account the current EU priorities and the technical developments of the sector. more

Overview on key EU policies for the biogas sector

In our recently launched Annual Report 2018, we have prepared an overview on the key EU policies for the biogas sector, related to renewable energy production, achievement of climate targets, development of circular economy systems and promotion of clean mobility. Biogas and biomethane are important contributors to those policies and EBA has been actively involved in the relevant discussions ensuring the views and priorities of the sector are considered at EU level. more

Key dates of EBA’s 10 years anniversary

2019 will be a year of celebration and changes for the EBA and we are already getting ready for it. As we can imagine you are now planning the next months of your working life, we invite you to grab your agendas and look for a colourful marker or, if you prefer electronic supports, to open your online calendars. more

Gas for Climate presents the benefits of renewable gas in the future energy system at COP24

The Gas for Climate consortium, of which EBA is a member, presented its vision on the role of renewable and low-carbon gas in the future decarbonised energy system at COP24 in Katowice, Poland. The main aim of this edition of the annual UN climate conference is ensuring the full implementation of the Paris Agreement to limit global temperature increase to well below 2 degrees Celsius.


EU institutions agree on Fertilising Products Regulation

The new rules will boost the use of organic and waste-based fertilisers

After months of trialogue negotiations, the European Parliament, Council and Commission have reached a preliminary political agreement on the Commission’s proposal from March 2016. The new rules will facilitate the access of organic and waste-based fertilisers to the EU Single Market, introducing limits for cadmium and other contaminants in phosphate fertilisers.


New research on Large Scale Biogas Plants is being revealed

On January 16, 2019, doors are opening for the first time to the brand new BioEnergy conference, Biogas Innovation, hosted as an add-on event to the large Danish animal production fair: NutrFair. The conference is the culmination and product of a collaboration between the Interreg5a funded research project, Large Scale Bioenergy Lab 2, the magazine Bioenergi, Invest in Denmark, and Messe C in Fredericia.