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Biofuels - land use changeBackground policy papers SustainabilitySeptember 2015Members
EBA policy recommendations to grow biogas and biomethane industriesBackground policy papersBiogas and biomethane11 July 2019Public
Gas Sector Statement on the Council ConclusionsJoint letterSector coupling11 June 2019Public
NECPs StatementJoint statementNECPs22 May 2019Public
TYNDP StatementJoint statementSector coupling22 May 2019Public
EBA elections: appointment of New President and Executive BoardPress releaseEBA28 March 2019Public
Joint statement:ensure consistency between REDII sustainability criteria and the sustainable finance taxonomyJoint statementRenewable energy21 March 2019Public
The optimal role of gas in a net-zero emissions energy systemPress releaseCarbon emissions18 March 2019Public
Response to European Commission vision for a climate neutral economyPress releaseCarbon emissions3 December 2018Public
EBA reply to EC 'Future climate and energy policy - a Strategy for long-term EU greenhouse gas emissions reductions'ConsultationCarbon emissions16 October 2018Public
Joint letter EU Fertilisers RegulationJoint LetterFertilisers Regulation16 October 2018Public
Biogas done right extendedOtherBiogas campaign2 October 2018Public
Carbon correction factorJoint letterCarbon emissions2 October 2018Public
REDII summary - biogas focusBackground policyRenewable Energy Legislation13 July 2018Public
Overall RES target Press releaseRenewable Energy Legislation19 June 2018Public
EBA's response to public consultation on Energy Taxation DirectiveContributionEnergy Taxation Directive7 June 2018Public
EBA's position on CO2 standards for HDVJoint letterTransport8 May 2018Public
Letter to the Austrian presidency of the European Union
Joint LetterRenewable Energy28 March 2018Public
EBA Conference 2018 - 'Greening Gas'
Press ReleaseEBA Annual Conference
26 January 2018Public
Gas for Climate initiative - A path to 2050
Press ReleaseRenewable Gas
22 February 2018Public
Market Design Statement ITRE RES associations
Joint StatementMarket Design8 January 2018Public
Summer Package: Driving Europe’s transition to a low-carbon economyBackground policy papers Carbon Emissions2 August 2016Members
Revision of European Ecolabel Criteria for Soil Improvers and Growing Media: Summary of the technical report and EBA commentsContributionDigestate2 July 2014Members
Digestate policiesBackground policy papers Digestate2 July 2014Members
Gas grid and biomethaneBackground policy papers Biomethane2 July 2014Members
Horizon 2020Background policy papers EU projects2 July 2014Members
position on the reform of the EU’s Emissions Trading System beyond 2020
Position PaperEmissions Trading System3 February 2016Public
Commission's fertiliser working group meeting: short minutes and presentation about essential requirementsOtherDigestate3 June 2014Members
EBA Conference 2018 announces Greening Gas Award
Press ReleaseEBA3 October 2017Public
Summary of relevant elements for EBA in the Circular Economy Package of 02.12.2015Background policy papers Circular Economy 4 December 2015Members
position on the European Union Heating & Cooling policy
Position PaperHeating & Cooling4 January 2016Public
Press release: New German Renewable Energy Act (EEG) shoots biogas in GermanyPress releaseRenewables support4 July 2014Public
Summary of EBA - European Commission telecon on REACHOtherDigestate4 June 2013Members
EBA Meeting with DG Environment on gasificationOtherGasification4 June 2015Members
Medium Combustion Plants Directive - FEAD and EBA common position Position PaperOther4 June 2015Members
Meeting with the cabinets of Commission’s Vice-Presidents Timmermans and Katainen on the Circular Economy OtherCircular Economy4 June 2015Members
EBA's comments on the revision of the Fertilisers RegulationContributionDigestate5 December 2014Public
EBA's position on digestate in the nitrates directivePosition paperDigestate5 December 2014Public
Press release: European Biogas Association to represent sustainable gasification of biomass / European Biogas Association has a new Secretary GeneralPress releaseEBA5 February 2015Public
EBA's response to the European Commission's public consultation on transportContributionTransport5 June 2015Public
RES associations call for a market design fit for the energy transitionContributionEuropean Renewables5 October 2016Public
Medium Combustion Plant Directive 2015/2193 – key features relevant to the biogas sectorBackground policy papers Medium Combustion Plan Directive6 January 2016Members
EBA’s contribution to the Expert Group meeting on Future Transport FuelsContributionBiomethane6 May 2014Members
Renewable energy support schemes for energy from mixed waste
Joint LetterRenewable Energy Legislation6 November 2017Public
EBA Position on the revision of the Waste Framework Directive
Position PaperCircular Economy7 April 2016Public
Press release: European Biogas Association (EBA) is growing and thrivingPress releaseEBA7 February 2013Public
Joint Statement on the European Commission’s plan to withdraw the waste component of the Circular Economy package from its 2015 Work ProgrammePosition paperBiowaste7 January 2015Public
EBA's response to public consultation on intelligent Energy Europe III in Horizon 2020ContributionOther7 September 2012Public
Joint position paper on a legislative package to regain global leadership in renewable energy Joint Position PaperRenewable Energy Legislation 8 February 2016Public
Press Release: European Biogas Association announces biannual conference 2014 edition in the NetherlandsPress releaseEBA8 November 2013Public
Facilitating renewable gas through the revision to the Renewable Energy DirectiveJoint Position PaperEuropean Renewables8 November 2016Public
Joint statement of EBA, AEBIOM, EREC, EREF, WBA and EPC on EC proposals to amend the Renewable Energy Directive and the Fuel Quality DirectiveContributionSustainability8 October 2012Public
Press release: Anaerobic Digestion and Gasification can replace natural gas importsPress releaseEBA8 October 2014Public
EBA's reponse to the Commission's Waste Market consultation ContributionBiowaste8 September 2015Public
EBA, GIE and ERGaR explore the opportunities of Power-To-Methane for Europe
Joint Press ReleaseEuropean Renewables8 September 2017Public
Guidelines on State aid for environmental protection and energy 2014-2020OtherRenewables support9 April 2014Members
EBA's discussion paper on End-of-Waste criteria for digestateContributionDigestate9 April 2014Members
Press release: Pathogenic germs like EHEC are almost completely destroyed in biogas plantsPress releaseOther9 June 2011Public
EBA Position paper on the Waste Framework DirectivePositionBiowaste9 June 2011Public
EBA letter on the Energy Efficiency DirectiveContributionOther9 November 2011Public
Joint letter on priority dispatching regime for renewables
Joint LetterRenewable Energy Legislation10 July 2017Public
Formal complaint to the European Commission against unacceptable retrospective changes to renewable energies legislation in Czech Republic (EBA and EREF)OtherRenewables support10 June 2013Public
Biomethane trade and the Energy Union StrategyContributionBiomethane10 March 2015Members
EBA´s comments to COM 2016/0084 – Fertilisers Regulation Proposal
Position PaperFertilisers Regulation10 May 2016Public
EBA's response to the public consultation on the review of the European waste management targetsContributionBiowaste10 September 2013Members
EBA's comments to the Commission's draft on the sustainability criteria for gaseous biomassContributionSustainability10 September 2013Members
Common statement of FEAD, ECN and EBA on EU Fertilisers regulationPosition paperDigestate11 December 2014 Public
COP21 anaerobic digestion’s and gasification’s contribution to reduced emissions in EU’s transport, agricultural and energy sectors Position PaperRenewables support11 December 2015Public
Press release: 2016 edition of the Conference of the European Biogas Association enhances anaerobic digestion and gasification Press releaseEBA11 December 2015Public
Press Release: The European Biogas Association launched a Company Advisory CouncilPresss releaseEBA12 January 2011Public
EBA's meetings with the European Commission April-May 2014OtherOther12 May 2014Members
Contribution of anaerobic digestion to the European Circular EconomyPosition PaperCircular Economy 12 November 2015Public
Letter of EBA and GBA on Changes to greening rulesContributionAgriculture13 February 2017Public
Council's 1st reading ILUC positionOtherSustainability13 June 2014Members
EBA position paper - Security of Gas Supply Regulation
Position PaperEnergy Union13 June 2016Public
Renewable Gas in the Recast of the Renewable Energy Directive:
A (Hidden) Opportunity?
Joint Press ReleaseEuropean Renewables13 June 2017Public
Alliance for Europe Leading on Renewables
Joint Position PaperEuropean Renewables13 May 2016Public
EBA Policy Meeting minutes, Egmond aan ZeeOtherOther13 October 2014Members
EBA position on the Fertilisers Regulation revisionPosition PaperFertilisers Regulation13 October 2016Public
EBA's input on draft conclusions of the Working Group Meetings of EU Fertiliser RegulationContributionDigestate13 September 2012Members
EBA's response to the public consultation on Bio-based industries, towards a public-private partnership under Horizon 2020?ContributionBioeconomy14 December 2012Members
EBA's general comment to the public consultation on bio-based industries, towards a public-private partnership under Horizon 2020ContributionOther14 December 2012Public
ESBF Position on 2020-2030 EU energy policyPosition2030 targets14 February 2014Public
EBA's response to the consultation on the draft Guidelines on environmental and energy State Aid for 2014-2020ContributionRenewables support14 February 2014Public
EBA comments on the future sustainability ContributionSustainability14 June 2013Members
Meeting with the Latvian permanent representationOtherSustainability14 October 2014Members
Renewable energy industry joint position paper on governance systems towards 2030 renewable energy targetsPosition Paper2030 Targets14 September 2015Public
EBA summary on State Aid Guidelines 2014-2020OtherRenewables support15 April 2014Members
Press Release: The new EBA President presents the latest European biogas statistics - growth continuous!Press releaseEBA15 January 2014Public
Chapter 4: Techniques to consider for the determination of the best available techniques relevant to biological treatments
Applied processes and techniques - AD
Techniques applicable to biological treatments
OtherBiowaste15 July 2014Members
EBA's response to public consultation on Communication on energy technologies and innovationContributionOther15 March 2013Public
EBA’s special report on European Parliament election 2014OtherEU institutions15 May 2014Public
Deployment of alternative fuels infrastructure - EBA's comments ahead of the TRAN committee voteContributionBiomethane15 November 2013Members
Press release: The new EBA Biogas Report published - biogas industry grew and production increased!Press releaseEBA16 December 2014Public
EBA Conference 2018 announces extended programme and exhibition options Press ReleaseEBA 16 May 2017Public
EBA contribution to EGFTF reportContributionTransport16 September 2014Public
EBA's response to the public consultation on Urban Dimension of the EU transport policyContributionOther17 December 2012Members
EBA's remarks to the treatment of cobalt salts used in biogas production under the revised Fertiliser RegulationContributionDigestate17 December 2013Members
EBA Biogas Report 2015 published – a record growth in Europe! Press releaseEBA17 December 2015Public
European Commission's presentations on "New approach to the revised Fertilisers Regulation - obligations of economic operators" and "Essential Safety and Quality Requirements for fertilising materials" given at Fertiliser Working Group in March 2014OtherDigestate17 March 2014Members
Open letter regarding the withdrawal and renewed discussion of the circular economy packagePosition PaperBiowaste17 March 2015Public
Sustainability recommendations on biomass and biogas in electricity and heating - EBA commentsContributionSustainability18 July 2014Public
Renewable Associations Joint Press Release - “Binding renewable energy target – legislative proposals must now deliver”
Joint Press Release2030 Targets18 July 2016Public
Planning and reporting obligations as part of the Energy Union Governance
Joint Position PaperEnergy Union18 May 2016Public
Joint statement on the State of the Energy Union Joint Position PaperEnergy Union18 November 2015Public
EBA position on FFC for biomethanePosition PaperEBA18 October 2016Public
Electricity Market Design: Letter to Ministers
Joint LetterEuropean Electricity Market18 September 2017Public
EBA and Fachverband Biogas joint letter on Notification of the German Material Cycle and Waste Management ActContributionBiowaste19 August 2011Public
Joint letter from RES Associations to EU Energy UnionPosition paperRenewables support19 February 2015Public
Joint position paper on EU Heating and Cooling Strategy Joint Position PaperHeating & Cooling19 February 2016Public
European Biogas Association elects new Board Member | European Biogas Association appoints new Secretary General
Press ReleaseEBA19 February 2016Public
Commission's revised draft on State Aid GuidelinesOtherRenewables support19 March 2014Members
EBA's stakeholder input on the process of End-of-Waste criteria for biodegradable waste subject to biological treatment ContributionDigestate20 January 2013Members
Joint statement on the EU Fertilising Products Regulation
Joint StatementFertilisers Regulation20 November 2017Public
The initial EBA position for the Technical Working Group for the review of the Waste Treatment (WT) BREFPositionBiowaste 20 September 2013Members
EBA's position on bio-economyPositionBioeconomy21 August 2014Public
EBA position on biomass sustainability under the Renewable Energy Directive
Position PaperRenewable Energy Legislation21 June 2017Public
EBA position on the Renewable Energy Directive post-2020 recast
Position PaperRenewable Energy Legislation21 June 2017Public
European Council conclusions 20-21 March 2014OtherOther21 March 2014Members
EBA remarks to the study on "Technology options for feeding 10 billion people - Options for cutting food waste"ContributionBiowaste21 November 2013Public
EBA's comments to technical consultation on End-of-Waste for biodegradable waste subject to biological treatment ContributionDigestate21 September 2012Members
EBA's comments on the Draft Final Report: EOW for biodegradable waste subjected to biological treatmentContributionDigestate21 September 2013Members
EBA's response to the European Commission's public consultation on agriculture and LULUCFContributionAgriculture22 June 2015Public
EBA's opinion on digestate drying at biogas plantsContributionDigestate22 May 2013Public
Joint Letter from the Waste Industry Responding to a Landfill Diversion Delay Joint LetterLandfill - Circular Economy22 May 2017Public
EBA position on the Renewable Energy Directive: transportPosition PaperRenewable Energy legislation22 November 2016Public
EBA position on Electricity Market Design Position PaperElectricity22 November 2016Public
EBA's position on iLUC - 2nd readingContributionSustainability23 January 2015Members
Response to the Public Consultation on the revision of the Clean Vehicles DirectiveContributionTransport23 March 2017Public
Joint position paper on how Bio-Nutrients and Organic Carbon Recycling
are essential components of a Circular Economy
Joint Position PaperCircular Economy23 November 2015Public
EBA's response to EurActiv's article on gas infrastructureContributionBiomethane23 September 2014Public
Summary of ENVI committee vote on ILUCOtherSustainability24 February 2015Members
More ambition to stay world leader in renewables
Joint Position Paper European Renewables24 October 2017Public
EBA's statement on CN classification for gas from biomassContributionBiogas economics25 April 2013Public
Press Release: Six national biomethane registries are developing the foundation for cross-border biomethane trade in EuropePress releaseBiomethane25 November 2013Public
EBA Position paper on Fertilisers Regulation Position PaperOther25 November 2015Members
EBA's response to the new European Circular Economy PackageContributionCircular Economy 26 August 2015Public
EBA's response to the new European Circular Economy PackageContributionCircular Economy 26 August 2015Public
“Response to the public Consultation on Horizon 2020 ‘Food Security, sustainable agriculture and forestry, marine and maritime and inland water research and the bioeconomy’ Work Programme 2018‐2020”
Contribution EU projects26 August 2016Public
EBA's letter to Commissioner Hedegaard underlining the importance of a binding renewable energy target for 2030Contribution2030 targets26 June 2013Public
EBA's response to the public consultation on a 2030 framework for climate and energy policiesContribution2030 targets26 June 2013Public
EBA's response to the negative press reporting on biogas production in the Netherlands (English version)ContributionOther26 November 2012Public
EBA's response to the Consultation on Sustainable Use of PhosphorusContributionDigestate26 November 2013Public
Press release: The Commission's draft proposal on iLUC campaigns irrationally and inconsistently against the EU's own long-term targets on reducing emissions in the transport sectorPress releaseSustainability26 September 2012Public
Press Release: Biomethane with bright opportunities towards the 2030 targetPress releaseBiomethane27 March 2014Public
AEBIOM and EBA position paper on sustainability criteria for solid and gaseous biomassPositionSustainability27 May 2011Public
Joint statement on RED II - Fuels/Transport
Joint StatementTransport27 November 2017Public
Press release: Climate and energy targets 2030 – no binding RES requirements for the Members States is a threat Press release2030 targets27 October 2014Public
EBA's comments on the essential requirements of the Fertiliser RegulationContributionDigestate28 August 2014Public
EBA Digestate Factsheet: The value of organic fertilisers for Europe’s economy, society and environmentFactsheetAgriculture28 July 2015Public
EBA's supplementary notes to the 3rd workshop of the technical working group, dedicated to the End-of-Waste criteria for biodegradable waste subject to biological treatment ContributionDigestate28 March 2013Members
EBA's position paper on the proposed indirect land use change (iLUC) legislationPositionSustainability28 March 2013Public
EBA comments sent to the BioGrace teamContributionSustainability28 November 2013Public
Position paper on Digestate and REACH (German version here)PositionDigestate28 November 2013Public
Response to the public Consultation to prepare legislation on the monitoring of HDV CO2 emissions and fuel consumptionContribution Transport28 October 2016Public
Response to the public Consultation on the revision of Regulation setting CO2 emission performance standards for light duty vehiclesContribution Transport28 October 2016Public
EBA's comments on the Presidency's suggestions for the ILUC proposalContributionSustainability29 November 2013Public
EBA & EUGINE Joint Press Release - “Biogas CHPs are key to greening heating & cooling in a very energy-efficient way”
Joint Press ReleaseHeating & Cooling 30 June 2016Public
EBA's position on the Circular Economy PackagePosition paperBiowaste30 October 2014Public
Response to the public Consultation on an EU strategy for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and gas storageContributionLNG and Gas storage30 September 2015Public
“Establishment of the European Renewable Gas Registry (ERGaR) aisbl”
Press ReleaseBiomethane30 September 2016Public
“The great potential of biogas and its role in the upcoming gas revolution were the main messages of the EBA Conference 2016”
Press ReleaseEBA30 September 2016Public
Press release: Scientific Advisory Council for biogas launchedPress releaseEBA31 March 2014Public
2030 Climate and Energy FrameworkBackground policy papers 2030 targetsJuly 2015Members
Infrastructure for alternative fuelsBackground policy papers BiomethaneJuly 2015Members
Updated EBA Position on ILUCPosition PaperTransportSeptember 2014Public

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