In 2015 EBA extended their scope and now also advocates for sustainable biomethane production from gasification of renewable organic material. Inclusion of gasification into the scope of EBA activities was a natural step. Anaerobic digestion and gasification industries can produce sustainable biogas from biomass, which can replace imported natural gas. United, we can send a strong signal to the policy makers that transition to renewable gas in Europe is possible.

EBA is the only European-wide organization that supports the entire biomethane industry and liaises with policy makers in Brussels in order to steer the legal framework of biomethane.

For whom?
Any company, research institute or association with a focus on gasification of renewable organic material can benefit from the EBA membership advantages. This can be suppliers of hardware, ingredients/processing aids or services as well as energy or gas companies, consultants, research institutes or national organizations. EBA represents all biomethane segments, including agricultural, waste, sewage, landfill gas and gasification technologies.
Five good reasons to join EBA
  • The voice of biomethane in Brussels
  • Privileged access to specific publications and studies
  • Benefit from international projects
  • Excellent networking opportunities
  • Increased visibility at events
EBA is lobbying for improving European and national legislation related to biogas, biomethane and syngas production, in order to achieve the following objectives:

  • Develop a coherent and stable EU-wide legal framework for biogas, syngas and biomethane from anaerobic digestion and gasification of renewable organic matter;
  • Improve and expand national support schemes for renewable energy sources;
  • Structure Europe’s waste management policies to include a ban on organic waste landfilling and to prioritise biomethane production in waste management;
  • Establish a European market for biomethane, digestate and energy ashes, to facilitate cross-border trading of these three valuable products.

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