Watch interviews featuring current and past EBA representatives commenting biogas topics and reports from our events and activities. Videos are courtesy of Biogas Channel, our media partner.

What to do to create a transnational biomethane market? - Attila Kovacs, July 2015

EBA Executive Board Member Attila Kovacs tackles the main obstacles that prevent the creation of a European biomethane market.

Biosurf: the European project to promote biomethane - Jan Stambasky, July 2015

BIOSURF is a project commissioned by the European Union that aims to increase the production and use of biomethane. Jan Stambasky, President of EBA, explains it and the role of EBA within the project.

The SAC - Scientific Advisory Council for the promotion of biogas with scientific instruments - Frank Scholwin, January 2015

What is the Scientific Advisory Council? What are its activities within the EBA? Mr. Scholwin, a member of the SAC, briefly explains how the group works and how institutions and research organizations can join.

Which are the most promising markets for the biogas? - Harm Grobrügge, July 2014

Which are the most promising countries in the field of biogas in Europe and why? Let's find out with Harm Grobrügge, Vice President of the European Biogas Association.
Power to the people - Facing the global energy challenges, January 2015

The former President of EBA Arthur Wellinger joins the debate on Crosstalks TV.

Digestate, a natural fertiliser to be exploited at European level - Eric Liegois, September 2014

Can digestate be used as a fertiliser in Europe? Yes, but the standards governing this sector are very different. The European Commission is therefore striving to create a homogenous regulatory framework in this area. Eric Liegeois takes stock of the situation.

5 years of EBA: it's time to take stock - Arthur Wellinger, November 2014

The former President of EBA Arthur Wellinger thanks all the European associations of biogas that allowed the EBA birth. He also takes stock of the current and future situation of the biogas market.

Putting a stop to conflict-financing fossil fuels - Harm Grobrügge, Spetember 2014

Europe’s dependence on fossil fuel-producing countries is not only a matter of energy security. It appears that part of Europe’s money, used to purchase energy, has been spent on financing military and terrorist activity. Here is the EBA Vice President’s appeal to put an end to this situation.

Multiple strategies to deal with the new biogas situation in Europe - Jan Stambasky, September 2014

The biogas industry is not just about energy production, but has many other facets, from the collection of substrates to the production of digestate. Therefore, according to the President of the European Biogas Association, a strategy should be put in place that takes into account all these factors, without ever forgetting the issue of security of supply, in which biogas could play a key role.

European Biogas Association Conference 2014, September 2014

An event at the European level to meet the major players in the biogas sector, to do networking, to share information and best practices, and to create a bridge between industry, science and the market. This is the objective of the second edition of the EBA Biannual Conference, which in 2014 was held in Egmond aan Zee, Netherlands.

Biogas helps renewable energies in supporting the European energy security - Jan Stambasky, June 2014

According to EBA President Stambasky, biogas is an important resource for the European energy security because it's a domestic and reliable source and it is the only renewable energy able to provide electricity constantly.

REA member is the newly elected in EBA's board - David Collins, January 2014

David Collins, REA head of biogas, has become the new board member of EBA. His aim for the new year: reaching the UE targets with the use of renewables.

Changes at the top for EBA: the new President is Jan Stambasky, January 2014

The newly elected president of EBA introduces himself speaking to Biogas Channel. He thanks the former president Wellinger for his great work and reminds that EBA will face with new challanges in the future; the biogas market in Europe, indeed, needs supports to growth.

EBA - Networking in Brussels and activities at the European level - Agata Przadka, November 2013

Agata Przadka (Technical Advisor of European Biogas Association) explains daily activities of the European Biogas Association, in particular the networking on Brussels and the monitoring of the European Commission directives.

The importance of networking and the exchanging experience - Theo Verleun, November 2013

Theo Verleun (Company Advisory Council Chairman of EBA) illustrates the purpose of the Company Advisory Council of the European Biogas Association: exchange information in Europe, spread all over the world the german experience and share debate themes in order to improve partners business and have an economic benefit.

European Biogas Association: mission, members and activities - Arthur Wellinger, June 2013

Arthur Wellinger describes Eropean Biogas Association's mission, the short and middle-term aims and the collaboration with national associations and industries in order to promote biogas. As a renewable energy, biogas must be considered a strategic resource.